Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old School Organization.....

hoI made these chalkboard labels for the fabric baskets I had for Jackson's closet. We just painted particle board with chalboard paint and cut them to size....Then I used my handy dandy glue gun (can't ever be without this tool) to glue them onto the burlap ribbon. What's great about these type of labels is that all you have to do is erase your title and re-write a new one when you need to!

I got the inspiration from seeing other types of similar labels on and a few other blogs I follow. Next I will make some for Allison's room and then start on the pantry.

Moving into a new house is hte perfect opportunity to get organized. I LOVE being organized, but sometimes fail to keep things as tidy as I'd like. My dream is to someday be like my friend Diane who literally does not own a "junk drawer"....CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

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