Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've Been Thinking About Doing This For Awhile....

Ok....I guess the first post is always the hardest????? I am calling my blog Starview Sonnet because the street we live on is named Staview. We didn't choose it, it was chosen for us. It is very significant to me and descriptive of this beautiful place we call home. I feel like I am on the very top of the world here and have never seen stars shine so bright or moonlit nights so beautiful.

I had to find out what a sonnet really is no ordinary is one that comes with many rules about rhyming and meaning. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to get the basics for writing one. With lots of help from my husband, this will be the sonnet that begins my journey into this new way of documenting the memories that we create each goes nothing...

A change for balance within and out
A garden with flowers of varying hue
To surround oneself with beauty on the mount
New friends and contentment near mountain of blue

A change from city girl to country mouse
Festivals and events with new friends and fruit from the vine
Creating memories of childhood within our house
Four visits of seasons all in their time

But what of friends and dears left far behind
The longing pull of closeness surely brings daze
Modern devices of wire maintaining clear line
Perhaps most will follow the trail we blazed

Visits and contacts from friends old and new
Balance with all things will surely ensue


  1. What a great start to a wonderful beginning to blogging. Your life will be enriched by the new people you will meet and the friends and family that will come along with you on your journey as you begin a new chapter in your life. As you always told me, life is all about choices, and I think you have made a great one! Congratulations on venturing to live a full, blessed, life! I love you my sister!

  2. Diane-I'm so glad you and Craig are my first followers...Well, acutally you have been a follower of mine for a long time. I thank God for a friend like you. You are always there to share in the good (and not so good things) that life brings our way. Now we have one more thing in common....blogging : )


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