Monday, October 1, 2012

Sometimes You Just Gotta Do It!


CottageBannerviewWARNING:  This post contains LOTS and LOTS of photos.
SO…if you don’t have a little time to go through them, wait until later.
I know that I have neglecting my blog of late.  I feel bad about it, but sometimes something’s gotta give.  For me, it’s been my blog.
I have been busy chasing dreams.  The dream of my dress form business on Etsy taking off and the dream of having a wonderful vintage market sale right here on just the most beautiful place I know.
Well….wit A LOT of help from my friends—Diane, Marlee, Lori, and Jessica—WE DID IT!  We did it big for our first rodeo.  Sure, we all have experience wit our other endeavors, but this just seemed somehow so much bigger.
So here’s some of what we had….
I’m tired just looking at all these photos…it was A LOT of work.
CottageBannerviewBut, OH SO MUCH FUN!  We met some great people, learned a little more about the local history of our area, and watched lots of people walk away with treasures we had all collected, cleaned up, painted, and worked our magic on.
It feels good to be back posting.  I miss the blog and I miss hearing from you. 
I’ll try to balance my dream chasing with staying in touch with my blog friends.
So glad you hung wit me!



  1. What a great venue! This does look like TONS of work - lots of GREAT things! Hope you sold BUNCHES!!

  2. Everything looks amazing Cori! I've wanted to do something like that, but I'm afraid we're just a bit too far out in the country for shoppers to find us. Congrats on a wonderful sale! :) Robin


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