Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tootsie B

001 (1024x1024)
One of my favorite things about creating this beautiful forms is hearing the stories of my customers.
This form is named for the business she will soon be an icon for.
My customer and her husband dismantled an entire BARN and then re-assembled it in their town.
They are going to be opening up a wonderful vintage boutique.

003 (1024x1024)004005 (1024x1024)011
This form incorporates some of her favorite treasures…
Hymn book pages..
a vintage white doorknob..
beautiful buttons and lace from her personal collection..
AND, most importantly--
some of her favorite vintage photographs of her loved ones..

012 (742x1024)018025 (768x1024)026035 (1024x768)040 (729x1024)

047This is such a great way to commemorate her life…
her new business..
what matters most…
I wish her the best of luck as she embarks on her dream..
I was so happy to play a small part in what will be her fabulous business.
Thanks Mary.
I think your customers will love Tootsie B as much as I do.


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