Friday, November 18, 2011

My Week With Marilyn

Marilyn Photo

The movie is coming out in a few days. I’m looking forward to seeing it. I must admit I’ve always been drawn to the Marilyn mystique, like most people.

Well…my latest dress form customers are HUGE Marilyn fans. They follow my friend Diane’s blog and saw some of our dress form creations posted there. They decided that they would love a Marilyn form incorporating some of their favorite Marilyn photos.

SO…I spent a Week With Marilyn too…

They sent me the photos and I really enjoyed looking through them, many that I had never seen. After months of thinking about this project and trying to settle on the best way to display their photo collection, we decided on the classic white halter dress.

Here’s how she turned out…


I added an, oh so “Marilyn” “tattoo” to her upper back.

It just seemed to work. I love those lips…those eyes…and the signature beauty mark.


I incorporated some of their favorite Marilyn quotes…

I have to admit this one was my favorite, and, yes, the one I can most relate to.

I”ive been on a calendar, but never on time”.



I decided to add a quick “choker” made with a bit of vintage lace and a black and white button”

She also has a crystal doorknob top befitting this sexy siren.



Well…she’s off to West Virginia and set to arrive just before my customers, Ruth Ann and Brad, arrive home for their hometime and Thanksgiving with their family.

I hope they love this sweet homage to their girl….

I’m guessing they will be trying to catch the movie over the Thanksgiving weekend too???

Have a fabulous weekend y’all.



  1. Love your Marilyn dress forms!! You are soooooo talented!!!! :) I just saw the previews for that movie. Looks interesting!


  2. brad says she's definately a nice cup of coffee to wake up to!!....we love her!! did an excellent job!!...the crystal door knob is such a nice touch too!...we can't wait to get home and get her set up!....thank you cori!

  3. Ruth Ann and Brad are going to love it!


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