Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back On The Treasure Hunt


After taking a break from the yard sales, auctions and thrift stores for awhile, I’m back on the hunt.

Here’s a few pieces I picked up this last weekend.

The dresser above is definitely in need of some love and a few minor reapirs. But I do see the potential. Nice size. Good shape, All the original hardware.

Now….get a load of all this stuff…..Hard to believe we have replaced all this with an IPod that is smaller than a book of matches…right?



All of this stuff came out of this old radio cabinet. It was a bit of work to un-bolt everything and get it out of there.

But check out the cabinet……MAJOR potential…right?



Don’t you just love this original hardware? It will make it’s way back onto the cabinet.

I can’t wait to show you the “after” of this piece. I’m not sure exactly which way I am going to go with it…but it WILL come to me : )


A fun little ladder will get up-cycled for a great room accent…


I’ve got some fun plans for this great desk….


It feels good to be back on the hunt again…Kids go back to school next week and I’ll be busy recreating some great old pieces into useful home décor for today.



Thanks for coming by today…


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