Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Something Out Of Nothing


I don’t have a before shot of this piece.

BUT, you’ve seen these before at thrift stores and yard sales. The frame that once held a mirror over a dresser or vanity.

No more mirror. No more vanity or dresser.

Great shape and interesting piece.

What can you do with it?

Turn it into a wonderful fabric covered bulletin board.

Paint it.

Distress it.

Pretty it up with some great fabric.

Add some hanging hardware.

Now you’ve got a great accent for your home.



Then there was this piece that we found.

Very strange little table with some potential.

We liked the detail on the top and the two drawers on either side.

We envisioned it as a great square coffee table.


We added some legs from Home Depot.

We did a crazy paint/distress technique we we discovered completely be accident.

Basically, we sprayed it with a flat black paint.

Applied some Minwaxz Finishing Wax.

Then we scraped it piece to give it this great worn and old look

We also added a small wood applique to each drawer and kept the existing hardware (which was nice).


The result?

A great square coffee table with a lot of storage that is big on style.



Don’t pass up these “nothing” pieces at really great prices.

Imagine what they “CAN” become.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Loved it after the scraping! It gave the table an entirely new and fantstic vintage look. I might have to do those to mine as well, although I'm not sure if my roommate will appreciate it.


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